Kellyanne Conway

Watch Trump’s Campaign Manager Confront the Real Bitter Clingers: Clinton’s Campaign Team

When Left-Liberals melt down and explode with lies to rationalize their loss, listening to Kellyanne Conway confront them is delightful.

When you listen to Kellyane Conway confront Left-Liberals, you realize she is the only adult present at the event.

As Real Clear Politics explains,

Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway and Hillary Clinton campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri got in a very heated argument Thursday at a forum hosted by Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government to talk about the aftermath of the election. There were many fiery exchanges.

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They weren’t fiery exchanges. They were hysterical attacks by the Leftists, who thought they were the cool kids on campus—the jocks and the student government types—but have now learned they are merely the stock villains in a “Revenge of the Nerds” story. Conway simply refused to be intimidated.

And not all of them were with Palmieri. Conway also had to deal with the whining of Clinton’s Chief Strategist Joel Benenson.

Why is everyone so devastated to hear Conway say, “We won,” when it is obviously true? Left-liberals like to call themselves “progressives.” Their entire worldview hinges on the arrogant presumption that they are the future. They had convinced themselves that their manifest destiny guaranteed them that they would go from victory to victory.

And instead they lost. Every time Conway said, “We won,” she might as well have held up her hand to her forehead with thumb and forefinger extended in the shape of an “L.”

She was calling them losers, and they cannot stand it. They are supposed to be the cool ones and not have to deal with the other side crushing them. This situation enrages them.

NPR published typical lying propaganda  in their “analysis,” pretending to know that Putin manipulated the election. They do admit, “Emotions are still quite raw, especially on the Clinton side.” And they acknowledge in their headline that participants were overwhelmed by “bitterness.”

But there was no reason for Conway or anyone else in the Trump campaign to be bitter. They won. The Clintonistas were bitter. They are the true “bitter clingers,” contra President Obama. They don’t have guns to cling to, but they have their religion of Progressivism and they have their lies. The main one was the lie that racism somehow won the election for Trump.

Here’s part of the exchange with Jennifer Palmieri, from Real Clear Politics:

CONWAY: Excuse me, she said white supremacist… Do you think I ran a campaign where white supremacists had a platform? Are you going to look me in the face and tell me that?

PALMIERI: It did. Kellyanne, it did.

CONWAY: Oh, that’s how you lost?


CONWAY: Do you think you could have just had a decent message for the white working class voters? Do you think this woman who has nothing in common with anybody —

PALMIERI: I’m not saying that’s how you won but that’s the campaign that was run, yes.

CONWAY: We flipped over 200 counties that President Obama won, and Donald Trump just won. You think that’s because of what you said, or that people aren’t ready for a woman president? Really? How come it’s just Hillary Clinton? She doesn’t connect with people. How about they have nothing in common with her? How about you had no economic message?

Below is the entire “discussion.”

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