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WATCH: Trump TOTALLY Trashes Jeff Sessions Over DOJ Run Amok

Given the slew of recent news affecting the President this week, I certainly wouldn’t want to be caught standing in Trump’s way at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue right now.

The President is on the warpath, and rightfully so.  After a hellish Tuesday, in which two former confidantes were legally slain by the Mueller team and a court system in New York City, President Trump is likely under some serious duress.  Robert Mueller’s investigation has now become for more troubling than previously believed, simply because the scope that he has whittled out for himself goes far beyond the original intent of the probe.

Mueller is simply going to pick apart every single one of Trump’s former pals, mistake by mistake, all the way down to speeding tickets, until the President finally snaps and fires him.  This would incite the “New Civil War” that CNN and the mainstream media are banking on for a ratings boost, and it would allow the left to finally do what they’ve wanted to do all along:  Tear this nation apart.

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In response to the wild, spray-and-pray methods Mueller is utilizing, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has done nothing.  This is a problem for President Trump, who today lashed out at the AG for his inaction.

That’s a powerful statement by an executive branch heavyweight.  Now, the only question is, will Trump take control of the situation himself?

The removal of Jeff Sessions would not only open up the possibility of a well-regulated Mueller probe, but would also rid our nation of one of the last obstacles standing in the way of marijuana legalization.  As we’ve stated previously, opening up the nation to a marijuana industry would not only create an economic boom unlike anything that we’ve seen since the late 1800’s gold rushes, but it would also allow us to dominate what will surely be a global market in the near future.

As it stands now, Jeff Sessions opposes that, and Canada stands to be #1 in marijuana cultivation in North America very soon.

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