Watch as a Trump Supporter is Violently Ejected from a Public Park

A public park in New York City was being used by Black Lives Matter protesters to march and demonstrate against police brutality. When a Trump supporter appeared in their midst wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, they ejected him, yelling “Racist, out!” and “Fascist, out!”

One of the protesters claimed that the mere act of the Trump supporter coming to that park while they were demonstrating was “violence.” The same protester claimed that the man’s “white supremacy” was also violence.

As the man tried to explain that he wasn’t a white supremacist or racist just because he supported Trump, the BLM protester informed him that they do not condone violence, but added, “This is not your space. This is a space for black and brown lives.”

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Other protesters could be seen lifting their arms up – either a reference to “hands up, don’t shoot” or showing that they don’t condone violence – and pushing the Trump supporter along.

The lead BLM protester told the man that if he wanted to talk about Trump, he could do that at Trump Towers, and that their march was not the place to do it.

At that point, they started chanting and yelling, “Racist, out!” and physically pushing the man toward the edge of the park. (So much for not condoning violence.)

The man appeared amused at their over-the-top theatrics, and he chuckled, telling them that they needed to calm down. Their “racist, out!” chants turned into “fascist, out!”

When he was officially ejected from the public park, the BLM protesters sang the chorus to that Steam song “Na Na, Hey Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye.” You can see a group of police officers standing around, watching. I guess they didn’t think much of it. You can also hear one of the protesters telling the Trump supporter that he knew where he lived.



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