WATCH: Trump Gives Credit to God for the Unusual Way He Secured Bobby Knight’s Endorsement in Indiana

Far me it from me to adequately assess the President’s spiritual life, but so far, it appears that while Trump is no stranger to giving himself credit, he does find time to stop and thank the Big Guy when he can.

Trump, while not an outspoken Christian by any means, has certainly surrounded himself with incredibly faithful people, and his administration, famous for its regular prayer and Bible study, seems to be one of the most faithful one we’ve seen in decades.

So when he told a crowd in Indiana the seemingly divine way he was able to secure the endorsement of legendary basketball coach and beloved Indiana figure Bobby Knight, it was hard not to imagine whom he was crediting.

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Western Journal reports:

He told the crowd of thousands on hand that Knight had called him out of the blue a year before the New York businessman announced his candidacy urging him to run. The two did not know each other at the time.

In Trump’s telling, Knight said, “Trump, this is Bobby Knight and you got to run for president. Our country needs you.”

The then-reality television star informed Knight that he had not decided whether he would run, but asked for his contact information in case he did.

Trump said he wrote down the Hall of Fame coach’s cell number and put it in a ‘massive” stack of papers on his desk. He described the pile as the place he put “things you may need someday but probably not.”

Then, in 2016, when Trump was closing in on the Republican nomination, a friend told him that if he had any chance of snagging Indiana, the perceived last firewall between him and primary victory, he would do very well with Knight’s endorsement.

That’s when Trump remembered he had Knight’s phone number.

He turned to the stack of papers on his desk, which he said was like “2,000 pages of stuff” and lifted it up in the middle. Immediately he saw the card with Knight’s phone number on it.

“It was the weirdest thing,” Trump told his Evansville crowd and then looked up and pointed to the sky with a big smile on his face, which caused the Indianans to break out in cheers and applause.

“I said, ‘Here’s his number!’ The guy actually looked at me and goes, ‘That’s amazing.’ And I dialed — in front of him — I dialed the number. And Bobby Knight didn’t even ask who was on the phone.”

The president recalled, “He goes, ‘I’ve been waiting for you to call.’”

Knight appeared with Trump at a rally in Indiana at the end of April 2016, announcing his endorsement.

The rest is history–Trump secured the Indiana primaries and of course, the nomination and then the Presidency.


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