WATCH: Muslim Parents send 7 and 9 year old Daughters on Suicide Bombing Mission

Remember when Democrats were mocking us for being Islamophobic because we weren’t thrilled at the idea of importing thousands of unvetted Muslim refugees from countries infested with jihadists?

Barrack Obama himself scolded his own countrymen for rejecting a bunch of “widows and orphans” and having a baseless fear of “3 year old children” refugees.

Well maybe Barrack should take a gander at this footage that reportedly depicts a Syrian mother and father giving their 7 & 9 year old daughters a pep talk before they’re to carry out a suicide bombing mission, all in the name of Islam.

We can see the father walk them through their mission, preparing them to walk into a place filled with innocent people and detonate a bomb. He reassures them that it will be alright – it’s exciting, even – because they’ll soon be with God. Islam truly does have something evil within it that will require a serious reformation. Watch..

Allahu Akbar, Barrack, am I right? Welcome to your legacy.

It was reported a short time prior to the emergence of this video that a police station in Syria was blown up by a young girl suicide bomber.

The reports are inconclusive as to whether it was one of these particular two girls or not, but it really doesn’t matter. It’s obvious to anyone with eyes and a spec of intellectual honesty that radical Islamic terrorist commit to any level of heinous evil in the name of jihad, even sending their own young girls into a building with bombs strapped to their backs.

This truly is evil.

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