Has the “Stop Trump” Movement Lost Their Chance? [VIDEO]

The Stop Trump Movement hesitated after New Hampshire and doomed its chances.

Listen to Nicole Wallace, an NBC News political analyst and former advisor to the McCain/Palin campaign, talk about the so-called “stop Trump movement” on the Today Show.

From her analysis, which I think is quite accurate, we can draw some conclusions. You already knew these things but it is nice to have them confirmed by the mainstream media.

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First of all, Trump’s current advantage is specifically the fault of Marco Rubio and John Kasich. As Wallace says, it was obvious that the anti-Trump forces needed to unite after New Hampshire. But they didn’t. Marco Rubio and John Kasich stayed in the race even though Rubio had not won many regions and knew he couldn’t win his home state of Florida. Rubio’s refusal to drop out may have kept Ted Cruz from winning North Carolina. John Kasich stayed in the race though he hadn’t won any primaries at all. He had pretended that winning second place in New Hampshire was some kind of mandate. When he won his home state of Ohio he acted as if that proved he would be President. Quite possibly it will turn out to have helped make Trump President.

Secondly, this failure to stop Trump is due to the fact that those who oppose Trump do so for very different reasons. Constitutionalist conservatives oppose Trump because he is not a Constitutionalist nor a conservative. These voters tend to vote for Ted Cruz or at least are willing to do so if he is the only alternative to Trump. The Republican establishment, however, is no more conservative or interested in the Constitution than Trump is. They simply oppose Trump because he’s not politically correct, or because he opposes open borders and amnesty, or because he opposes these managed trade deals.

Yet the only candidate who came near to Trump is Ted Cruz. None of the establishment candidates came close.

So if Trump gets enough delegates, the establishment has only themselves to blame.

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