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WATCH: Radical Leftists Caught Using Racial Slur to Disparage ICE Officers

Such unfortunate times that we live in, where a man’s word about his own virtue can no longer be taken as factual evidence of his inherent goodness.

You see, the liberal left is ruining that for our nation with their salacious sleight of hand in which they show you just how virtuous, tolerant, and courteous they could be, and then vilifying any single person with whom they disagree, often with some of the most disparaging remarks that one can muster.  The left is simply throwing words around like “racist” and “sexist” because their cultural gravity will force a response, the same way that the anthem kneelers of the NFL chose the anthem because it couldn’t be ignored or allowed to continue unchallenged.

In other words, the left has no problem poking a toe over the line, time and again, in order to elicit a reaction from which they can score political points in rebuttal.  It’s simple trolling, and Americans aren’t necessarily falling for it anymore.

The radical left’s latest fight on the immigration front has come in the form of attacking the office of Immigration Customs and Enforcement, or ICE.  These are the folks who are responsible for taking out violent gang members involved with MS-13 and the Mexican drug cartels.  The left, of course, believes that this is cruel, and so they are now using bigotry and utter hatred to disparage these law enforcement officers.

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A video has emerged showing ‘Abolish ICE’ protesters calling black ICE officers the n-word during an arrest.

The clip shows leftists screaming at ICE agents as they arrest a group of unidentified men.

“I will laugh on your fucking grave, you fucking piece of shit,” yells one, as others call the ICE agents “Nazis” and “fascists”.

“You’re a fucking nigger to the white man,” yells another, adding, “You’re the white man’s nigger! Nigger! You are the nigger!”

Mike Cernovich traced the origin of the video back to an official ‘Abolish ICE’ Twitter account.

Be warned, the video contained in the following tweet contains hateful language.

So much for the tolerance and virtue of the left, eh?

I haven’t felt this ashamed of my fellow countrymen in a long, long time.

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