WATCH! Why Politicians Don’t Care about Immigration or Crime

When a leader says we must learn to live with terrorism, you should realize politicians don’t care about us.

I thought this argument not only explained why politicians don’t care about terrorism, but why they don’t care about much else.

This argument is obvious. When a politician says “we need to learn to live with terrorism,” ask him what he means by “we.” What he really means is you—referring to those of us who watch crime in our neighborhoods increasing and have limited resources compared to our rulers, who get quality security at our expense.

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This understanding not only explains the words of a French politician regarding terrorism, but it also explains worrisome responses to the murder of police officers.

Our politicians and their loved ones are probably not going to experience murder. So they don’t worry about releasing dangerous illegals into minority neighborhoods to prey on the children of others with less income. They gain political advantage by opposing Trump and the downside is imposed on others.

Likewise, when politicians deal with Bill-Ayers-type behavior toward the local police, they don’t feel personally threatened at all. After all, they have their own security who are devoted to keeping them safe. The regular community police do not interact with them the way they interact with us. It won’t make any difference to the lives of politicians if it becomes more dangerous to be a police officer. And it won’t make any difference to them if police become more fearful and defensive as a result. Those are problems for us, the little people, both police and non-police. Politicians who want certain votes feel no reason to worry about such small problems.

It is our duty, they think, to learn to live with “small problems.” Immigration, crime, Obamacare, “green energy”… in every case politicians gain while we lose.

In fact, we can apply this principle more broadly. Politicians have some interest in the future of the country. They often appeal to this shared interest as the reason we should trust their leadership.

But one’s personal future prosperity is always more important than the future of a nation. Hillary Clinton’s concern about America becoming a better nation will never match her concern for herself and perhaps for Chelsea and her children. She may know in the abstract that political corruption makes the future worse. But gaining power and wealth for her dynasty seems more beneficial than such a concern.

So, if we’re stuck with a corrupt government, we’ll have to learn to live with that too.

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