Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan as GOP Nominee Would Destroy the Republican Party [VIDEO]

The media is reporting that the Koch Brothers want Paul Ryan as nominee for the Republican Party.

Supposedly, if no one wins the number of delegates, the RNC might push forward Paul Ryan as nominee. For once, the media is exposing that idea for what it is.

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I’ve pointed out that John Kasich is staying in the race because he hopes to be appointed the nominee. That makes no sense and Paul Ryan as nominee makes even less sense.

Paul Waldman writes at the Washington Post,

The trouble is that nominating Ryan brings its own set of difficulties. The first and most obvious is that a contested convention where party leaders install their own candidate against the will of their voters will validate everything those voters have come to believe about the establishment: that it’s out of touch, that it doesn’t know how to win, that it doesn’t care about what they think, and that it views them with nothing but contempt. According to a new McClatchy poll, 65 percent of Republicans say that if Trump doesn’t get the nomination, it should go to someone who ran for president this year. Other polls in recent weeks have found similar numbers when they asked variations on this question: However you put it, at least six in ten Republican voters seem opposed to the white knight scenario. Which means that come fall, significant numbers of those Trump and Cruz voters might choose to stay home.

It wouldn’t just be the manner in which Ryan got the nomination that would infuriate anti-establishment Republicans. It would also be the fact that as much as anyone, he represents the elite GOP consensus on economic issues.

Paul Ryan has joined Congress in massively increasing spending, including funding Planned Parenthood. He has also supported secret managed trade treaties, which the Washington Times mischaracterizes as “free trade.”

The bottom line is that Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are the only two viable candidates from whom the RNC should choose the nominee.

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