Watch How One Trump Supporter Deals with a Sign Thief!

Trump hats and Trump signs certainly bring out the worst in people – or rather, their true selves. They attack Trump for his message of “hate,” but respond to it with…hate.

Since Trump campaign signs are seen as hate speech, they’re free for the taking. They can be vandalized, stolen, and/or destroyed. And the only crime is the act of putting the sign out in the first place. The thief is only ‘trying to make the world a better place.’

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Here’s one way to deal Trump sign thieves. Enjoy:

These days, free speech rights are reserved only for those with politically correct opinions and who support politically correct candidates. If you hold politically incorrect opinions or support politically incorrect candidates, that’s what our society calls “hate speech.”

Consider what happened to that guy in El Cajon, California who had the audacity to show up to a Black Lives Matter rally wearing a red “Make America Great Again” Trump hat. The simple act of wearing that hat was seen essentially as a hate crime, and therefore incited others to violence.

While that Trump supporter had a right to wear whatever hat he wanted without fear of violence, what he failed to understand is that our society doesn’t practice what it preaches. “Free speech” is very narrowly defined nowadays. What he did was not considered free speech. It was “hate speech.”

As a result, that man got little to no sympathy from passersby and the media. They looked at him as some sort of agitator who brought violence on himself. From their perspective, it was his fault that he got attacked, beaten, and chased by an angry mob.

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