MUST WATCH One of the Funniest Clips EVER (sadly) of a Congressman “Concerned About” Guam

This is perhaps one of the most hilarious lines of questioning ever heard from a U.S. Congressman. Tragically, some Fifth graders could do better. And no, despite his office’s reaction, even one week after his remarks “that he was joking,” it’s obvious from his demeanor in the video that he’s not. In fact no one is laughing.

This Facebook post shows, however, that four years later, Americans care, and want to make everyone aware of the apparent idiocy displayed by Congressman [score]Hank Johnson[/score] who represents¬†Georgia’s 4th District. On March 25, 2010, Johnson questioned U.S. Admiral Robert F. Willard about the size of the U.S. territory of Guam and expressed his concern about 8,000 U.S. Marines being based there.

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But the cause for his concern is worthy of Looney Tunes, as the below clip shows.


The first version below was posted on Facebook, which continues to be shared SIX YEARS after the fact. It is a classic.

It’s doubtful if anyone believes Johnson’s staffs’ excuse that he was joking about the island becoming so “overly populated that it would tip over and capsize.” Were his hand motions part of “the joke”?

It’s not his lack of knowledge about the island that is troubling. (Although, anyone could have googled Guam’s size for the Congressman prior to the hearing. It’s not rocket science to know the island’s size or topography.) Nor is it his lack of understanding about geography or the environment that is troubling. (Although it is for hopefully obvious reasons.)

How did this Admiral not burst out laughing? Or- anyone else in the room– for that matter.

Guam, by the way, is slightly over 200 square miles and has a population of roughly 165,000 people. It hasn’t toppled over.

The comment-free version below is below, with an image of Guam.


Bethany Blankley

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