Watch the Irony of Obama Calling Trump a Con Man [VIDEO]

The Obamacare liar claims that Americans shouldn’t listen to flimflam and doesn’t realize no one’s listening because they’ve already figured out who speaks flimflam.

Remember the Obamacare Liar-in-Chief telling us that we would get to keep our insurance plans and keep our doctors if we wanted to under the so-called Affordable Care Act? Of course you do. But Obama thinks you can be made to forget if he doubles down on his nonsense.

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Get that? “We don’t have time for charlatans and we don’t have time for hatred and we don’t have time for bigotry and we don’t have time for flimflam.”

(I won’t bother to deal with two of the lies in that quote: “hatred” and “bigotry.” On hatred, that is obviously a special tool of “progressives.” On bigotry, it is unfortunate that Republican officials are doing all they can to help the president lie.)

The admitted and documented Obamacare liar thinks he is in a position to condemn someone as a charlatan who speaks flimflam. And the media will never call him on it. The networks will not mock him for it. The New York Times and the rest of the crew of “progressives” will either not mention it or take it seriously as a critique of Trump.

They all think if they double down on their lies they will browbeat the populace to fall into line.

They are in denial about the meaning of Brexit. It is an international phenomenon now. No one is listening to the lies of the Government-Corporate-Media combine. In fact, their lies just make them angrier and peel off more people from “progressivism.”

Listen to this pollster who predicted Brexit:

Obama is not facing up to the fact that the era of the “progressives” is ending. No longer can he win votes because a faux conservative admires the crease in his pants.

The problem is that the self-chosen name of the “progressives” is indicative of a belief that their era never ends. They believe they are always on the right side of history. Resisting them is as futile as fighting fate.

The British public, from a “progressive” point of view, just made time run backwards. That must be deeply disturbing. The best they can do is hope it was just a rare anomaly in the space-time continuum that won’t happen again.

But having the Obamacare liar accuse Trump of being a charlatan makes it more likely to happen again.

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