WATCH! Obamacare Architect: Fix It by Punishing People More

Notorious Obamacare architect Ezekiel Emanuel thinks we should bring young people into the system by hurting them more severely if they refuse.

This Obamacare architect isn’t backing down. The brother to Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to fix Obamacare because now, he wants us to believe, it is beyond repeal.

Of course, Emanuel pretends that the unenforced penalties are just an accident. But the Obamacare architect knows full well that they were a part of the plan all along. Making the penalties as severe as they would have needed to be in 2014 would have risked the rollout of the law. The Democrats lost the Senate because Obamacare was so unpopular. Imagine how much worse it would have been for them if millions of millennials had been fined for refusing to subsidize their grandparents.

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The other “fixes” that Emanuel raised won’t fix anything. Subsidies cause prices to go up. Likewise, a “public option” will only become a monopoly for all but the rich. If companies are already dropping out of the exchanges, the public option won’t stop them. It will simply become the only option—which is what Emanuel wants.

The Obamacare Architect’s words should be used by Republicans in the next election.

Obamacare is going to be an issue. Here’s a comment from the Wall Street Journal:

According to a recent article in the WSJ,

ObamaCare is roaring back as a political liability to Democrats in a way not seen since that 2010 wave election. Right in time for this fall’s presidential contest, insurers are bailing out of the government system, leaving millions of voters with dwindling options and skyrocketing premiums. ObamaCare was always destined to crack up, but there is something notable that it comes precisely as so much control of Washington is up for grabs.

Especially since the health law is playing an outsize role in the states that will matter most for which party controls the Senate. At least three crucial elections feature Democrats who provided the final Senate votes to make ObamaCare the law of the land. Several other high-profile races are playing out in states where the health law has wreaked particular damage.

The three states are Wisconsin, Indiana, and Colorado.

But across the entire nation the younger generation needs to be told that the Democrats plan new levels of plunder to punish them for refusing to purchase a product that they don’t think is worth the price.

How progressive.

As mainstream media articles like this one in USA Today acknowledge the pain caused by Obamacare, Republicans have a real weapon that they can use.

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