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Obama Says World Leaders Are “Rattled” by Donald Trump [VIDEO]

Why should American voters care if foreigners are rattled by Trump? He’s going to be our President, not theirs!

Watching this news video of Obama warning that foreign leaders are rattled by Trump, one can’t help remembering the President’s mantra: “Hope and change.” He never meant to bring any real change to the nation other than to increase immorality and government spending. Any sign of real change would have produced what these world leaders are feeling now: fear.

So, before Barack Obama even gets into office he is given the Nobel Peace Prize. How did that work out? The President ramped up drone killing way past anything that Bush had done. He made and implemented a kill list. He instituted the executive power of indefinite detention.

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The American people are better off with other nations having fear and loathing of our next President. Maybe we’ll finally get real change. Maybe it is a sign we’ll be respected again.

Remember, most of these world leaders are basically U.S. welfare recipients in one way or another. They are afraid that Donald Trump might unshackle U.S. taxpayers from paying the defense costs of several nations and make other changes. In general, they are freaked out at the criticisms Trump has levelled at American foreign policy—policy that Barack Obama has basically preserved and extended.

But should the nations be “rattled”? Why shouldn’t they be rattled by a regime that destroyed Libya, transforming it from a bad secular dictatorship into a far worse jihadist hell? Why shouldn’t they be rattled by our support of terrorists in the Syrian “civil war” (really a proxy invasion) that is causing Europe to face a refugee crisis and terrorist nightmare?

If the leaders aren’t rattled by that, it is because they don’t care about their own countries. They are more servants of U.S. elites than they are representatives of their own people. Donald Trump represents an opportunity for these nations to get governments who serve them rather than follow dictates from our State Department.

Bobby Jindal gets it right (except that Trump has been far wiser than Jindal realized on Vladimir Putin).

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