Do #NeverTrump Republicans Hope the Trump Presidency Will End Prematurely? [VIDEO]

The new strategy of the #NeverTrump Republicans is to gain more control over who gets to be Vice President. How will that help them?

Newsy reported on a new effort of the #NeverTrump Republicans:

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Why should it matter to #NeverTrump Republicans who becomes Vice President? Ronald Reagan chose George H. W. Bush and that made almost no difference to the Reagan Administration except to help get Bush elected for a single term in 1988. And that was only because Reagan was so popular. Dan Quayle, Bush’s Vice President, didn’t have much of a career in politics.

So while Donald Trump is President, the Vice President won’t make much difference.

Are they hoping that somehow the Presidency of Donald Trump will be ended mid-term so they can get someone into office that they approve of? The most cynical conspiratorial possibility is that this plan was designed by someone who hopes Donald Trump will be assassinated.

A less murderous possibility is that Republicans and Democrats in Congress will find some pretext to impeach him. Unlike in the case of Barack Obama, the media would cooperate in getting rid of Trump.

Or maybe the plan is to simply destroy Donald Trump’s campaign. A Vice President who treated Trump the same way that Paul Ryan treats Trump would be a disaster.

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