Michelle Obama Couldn’t Talk About Father’s Day Without Bringing Racism Into It [VIDEO]

Michelle Obama’s Father’s Day rant did not help families even though she could have done so by pointing to her own father. What’s going on?

It’s easy, when seeing Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch, and others refusing to acknowledge the radical Islamist motives of the Orlando shooter to assume they are doing so to pursues an agenda like gun control.

But the American Thinker’s Deborah Tyler points to a deeper and more disordered reason:

The heart and soul of Obama’s worldview, and of the worldview of both black attorneys general he has appointed, are that all hate stems from white racism, and therefore all terrorism is ultimately caused by white racism.

If that is true, then it is not only a worldview but a psychological compulsion—a mindset that drives you to do and say things that are obviously stupid.

Loretta Lynch will not name ISIS for the same reason she did not name or prosecute any of the criminals from the riots in Ferguson or Baltimore.  She redacted the word “Islamic” – and any intimation of it – from the murderer’s own words for the same reason black-on-black crime will always be caused by lax gun laws.  It’s so simple: white guilt forever; black guilt, Mexican guilt, Moslem guilt never.

And this same problem showed up in Michelle Obama’s Father’s Day rant with Oprah. There are a few crude words (Fair Warning!) in the following video but it is worth watching:

I was especially impressed by the black celebrities that seem compelled to praise their black fathers who abandoned them and say little about the white mothers who raised them.

What is going on?

Whatever it is, Barack Obama’s “dreams of my father” seems to be related to his desire to not mention “radical Islam.” The white father must never be displaced as the ultimate culprit.

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