WATCH: Media Admits a Border Wall Stops Illegal Immigrants

Hungary set up a border wall that was so effective they’re building another one.

This news video shows that a border wall does reduce illegal immigration:

Remember, Hungary is a nation that gets lectured by us to open its borders. Obama’s appointed ambassador has preached to the legislature that they must embrace open borders and multiculturalism to be democratic. She seemed unaware of the irony that she was telling them what to do, against the wishes of the voters.

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So Hungary isn’t just standing up to the E.U. They are resisting pressure from the United States.

No wonder the Hungarian Prime Minister spoke favorably of Donald Trump! If he wins, the Prime Minister will no longer have the world’s superpower telling it how to manage immigration.

So the Hungarian government took steps to reduce illegal immigration.

The Hungarians didn’t need to build a wall. A mere fence was enough to reduce the inflow of illegal immigrants.

If the fence had failed to stop illegal immigrants, the media would have made the failure a front page story. They would have used it against Donald Trump.

Instead, they are making the success of the “wall” into a problem. Somehow it is wrong for a government to enforce its immigration laws.

So what should Hungary do? Does the government need to import real rape culture into Hungary like the other European nations have done?

Germany is still setting policies that are the opposite of those of Hungary. Despite crime waves and terrorist attacks, Prime Minister Angela Merkel refuses to change course. She claims importing hordes of young men is required by “our sense of community, our openness, and our willingness to help people in need.”

Watch the pronouns. The “willingness to help people” involved Merkel’s willingness to sacrifice the interests of her people to make them bear the cost of mass migration. She has no “sense of community” with the people she rules.

So now one local government is trying out anti-rape tattoos at German swimming pools. The media doesn’t see anything wrong with that. But a border fence is wrong!


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