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WATCH: Left LOVES Trump Tax Plan…If You Attach Bernie’s Name to It

The American political left has been dominated by malleable millennials who fell for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s super slick marketing plan.

While these politicians toiled away at their well-cultivated social media presences and youth outreach marketing, young Americans gobbled it up.  The glitz and glamour of progressive politics was made to look shiny and new, attracting a generation of followers, (not leaders), who will blindly vote for anything blue with a (D) next to it.  What’s worse:  This generation is social media-savvy in ways that many of us never imagined that we would need to be, and they are bullying the conversation online.

But when you strip away the labels and the partisanship, you find that, on principle, these young people don’t always align themselves with the lunatic left.  In fact, they can be swayed by the mere mention of Bernie Sanders to support just about anything.

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Once again, the “sheeple” have spoken.

It is this blind obedience to the leftist cabal that has many Americans worried about our nation’s future.  These young people will someday be calling the political shots, and if they fall for this bait and switch by a YouTube personality, what could a seasoned politician achieve among these misguided masses?


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