WATCH: Karl Rove Thinks Donald Trump Should Ignore GOP Critics. Is He Right?

While Karl Rove thinks Trump should be silent in the face of the letter from 50 Republican “experts,” He doesn’t understand who Trump has to reach.

Karl Rove thinks Donald Trump should focus on Hillary and not “waste time” dealing with Republican opponents. Here is a news video of the story:

Fox News thought it was a good idea to interview on Trump’s response to “security officials and foreign policy experts.” It is fine to ask someone who has been attacked to defend himself, but Rove seemed to portray himself as a neutral critic. No. His history puts him firmly in league with these anti-Trump Republicans.

Rove is engaged in wishful thinking. Yes, there were many Republicans who approved of the invasion in Iraq, including Trump (as well as yours truly). But many have changed their minds and are angry. Donald Trump showed that he could even attack the Iraq War going into South Carolina and still win by a large majority. Many find it repulsive that we went to war to fight terrorism and made the country “Harvard for terrorists” at the expense of American lives.

Also, whose fault is it that Donald Trump has to deal with “fellow Republicans”? They attacked him. If he had ignored them then the Hillary Clinton campaign would have used his silence against him. Dealing with Hillary means dealing with Republicans who try to help her campaign.

After Trump hurt himself by the way he responded to the Khan family attack, he needed to produce a better response to critics that showed he was in control. This response was brilliant. It will reassure voters that Trump knows what he is doing.

Furthermore, even the mainstream press admits that his reply was aimed at Hillary Clinton as well. As a candidate who would like to gain some Bernie supporters, distancing himself from both the Republican establishment and Hillary at the same time can’t hurt him.

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