Watch Hillary’s Ironic Attack Ad on Donald Trump [VIDEO]

Will Hillary Clinton attack Trump on women, corruption, or being under investigation? She is more vulnerable in all these areas!

From watching this video, the Hillary Clinton attack on Trump looks like it may hurt her more than him.

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Notice the topics that come up.


I’m not proud of Donald Trump’s actions with women. But notice that it was by no means a clear defeat for Trump to expose allegations about his past with women. It turns out that there are women who give him a positive character reference.

But more importantly, how can Hillary Clinton go after Donald Trump on accusations of sexism? Monica Lewinsky insists that her relationship with Bill Clinton was “consensual,” so it would be pretty difficult to find something worse that Trump might have done. How could anyone accuse Trump of having more power over an employee than the leader of the free world?

And Trump could make an issue of how Hillary worked to destroy the women who claimed they had been victimized by Bill Clinton.

Tax Records

Donald Trump has yet to release his tax records, but Hillary is at least as problematic when it comes to the tax records of the Clinton Foundation. Unlike Trump, Clinton was an important government official who may have received money from foreign governments. Which is the most important issue and which does the public have a “right to know”?

The Hillary Clinton attack on Donald Trump is weird because she is accusing him of not being a billionaire. In the era of Bernie Sanders, isn’t that a good thing? But why won’t she allow us to know what she said in her incredibly lucrative speeches to billionaires?

Being Investigated

The best part of the video above was where the Clinton defender said that Trump was under federal investigation. I’ll bet he wishes he hadn’t brought that up! It merely gave Trump’s defender reason to remind the audience of the FBI criminal investigation into Hillary.

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