WATCH: Hillary Is Losing Millennials, So She Goes Running to Bernie

Everyone has heard of Hillary losing millennials, but can that be fixed by making promises of free stuff?

We all know Hillary is losing millennials, but that’s obviously not because millennials are particularly wise.

NBC News reports,

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There’s a reason why Hillary Clinton today is campaigning — again — with Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire: She has some work to do with young voters. In last week’s NBC/WSJ poll, she was running 16 points ahead of Donald Trump among registered voters ages 18-34, 50%-34%. But that margin decreases to 12 points when you add Libertarian Gary Johnson and the Green Party’s Jill Stein to the mix: Clinton 38%, Trump 26%, Johnson 17%, and Stein 5%. (Indeed, those percentages for Johnson and Stein were almost double their support among all voters.) Maybe more importantly, young voters aren’t as interested in the election as older voters are. In the poll, 50% of those 18-34 registered as either 9s or 10s on a 10-point interest scale, compared with 67% for those 35-49, 79% for those 50-64, and 80% for those 65 and older. As we learned in 2012, this lower interest doesn’t mean these younger voters won’t vote; in fact, we saw plenty of 5s and 6s and 7s turn out for Barack Obama. But Clinton clearly has some work to do.

Millennials are a mess. As discussed in the video above, they want free stuff and they want the rich to be taxed to pay for it.

So why is that a challenge for Hillary?

I think it is because, deep down everyone (including millennials) senses that we are running out of government money. The promises of free stuff only work if people believe the candidate will deliver on those promises.

What have been the last big spending “gifts” from the government?

  1. The TARP bailout
  2. The Obama stimulus
  3. Obamacare

The first of these was enraging to many. The second did nothing noticeable about the economy. The third is imploding.

Unless the candidate convinces Millennials that he or she is somehow completely different than the status quo that produced those failures, they won’t get excited. Barack Obama did so when he ran, but I don’t think many believe that anymore. Bernie Sanders convinced many, but campaigning for Hillary is making some doubt him.

Hillary is losing Millennials because they’re not convinced she’s capable of the magic that’s required to give them what they want.

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