SICKENING: Watch How Hillary Clinton Stole from Haiti to Pay Her Billionaire Friends

This brief excerpt from the movie, Clinton Cash, based on the bestselling book of the same name, tells the incredible story of how Hillary Clinton diverted much needed funds in the aftermath of the Haiti 7.0 earthquake to Clinton Foundation donors.

In seven minutes, this short clip chronicles the misused hundreds of millions of dollars diverted to contractors, companies, and one man who profited the most from this tragedy: Irish billionaire Denis O’Brien, Clinton Foundation donor, who also funded Bill Clinton speeches, and happens to be the the telecon mogul whose company, Digicell, was used to allegedly provide mobile money to Haitian earthquake victims.

Sadly, over and over, what the money trail reveals, is the hundreds of millions supposed to help the Haitians didn’t actually help the Haitians.

And, the people of Haiti know it. It’s why they’ve been protesting the Clintons for years.

Hope and change for Haitians was only realized by the self-enrichment of Clintons’ friends:

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