Hillary Clinton’s Irrational Bashing of Trump and Cruz [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton bashes the Republican front-runners on immigration but her critique is irrational.

When Hillary Clinton bashes her opponents, she either is unable or unwilling to grasp the basic issue involved.

I’m going to ignore the second part of this video—the so-called pay equality needed to be enforced by the government. I’ll save that nonsense for another post. For now I’ll just deal with immigration.

In the first place, when Hillary Clinton bashes [score]Ted Cruz[/score] and Donald Trump, she doesn’t acknowledge that she is defending law-breaking while they are protesting law-breaking. If laws barring some immigration are wrong, change them. But we now are dealing with a president who has been refusing to enforce the law. You would never guess that from Clinton’s remarks. But illegal immigrants who once fled from border patrol are now fleeing to them.

Secondly, while I have no idea how accurate Trump’s comments were regarding immigrants and crime, it is undisputable that crimes have been committed due to non-enforcement of immigration law. These are crimes where citizens are hurt or killed by government negligence yet no government employee is ever punished. The people suffer and the government continues to tax them. No wonder voters are flocking to Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

Most importantly, what does it prove that “we are a nation of immigrants”? Immigrants built this nation. Does that mean they are obligated to let other immigrants build a new one on top of the one they formed? Sorry but different immigrants will lead to a different kind of nation. Immigrants from largely Christian nations will not form the same nation as immigrants who think it is good to publicly assault a girl for not wearing a hijab, for instance.

But Hillary Clinton bashes those opposing Obama’s executive amnesty as if all immigrants made up a single undifferentiated mass. Immigrants on the Mayflower, immigrants coming into Ellis Island, and immigrants coming in by illegally crossing the southern border are all the same somehow.

Clinton should be concerned with protecting the country but, like Barack Obama, she gives us drivel about welcoming immigrants instead.

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