Watch: Guess Where “Erdogan’s Long Arm” is Protesting [video]

epa05253033 Turkish nationalists carry a large Turkish national flag as they rally in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 10 April 2016. EPA/BORIS ROESSLER

But Germany’s Green party helps explain why Turkish nationals are in Germany and have been protesting for some time.

Germany’s Green Party’s co-leader, Cem Özdemir, has warned against radical Turkish nationalists in the country and suggested sanctions against Turkey in order to curb “Erdogan’s long arm.”

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Meaning, Turkish nationals are in Germany for a reason.


Here is recent example of their protesting:

In light of this video, and many others, one would normally ask a few logical questions:

If Turkish nationalists are so concerned about Turkish politics, why aren’t they living in Turkey?

Why on earth are they living in Germany?

If they want to change the direction of their country, why aren’t they there to do so?

Perhaps, though, they are not in Turkey for a reason.

In response to protests in March of this year, Germany’s international news broadcaster, Deutsche Well, reported on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan numerous representatives based in Germany.

During the hostilities occurring five months ago, Özdemir said, “German politicians need to treat radical Turkish nationalist groups with caution.” He added that the “EU should consider sanctions against Turkey if democracy and human rights ‘continue to be suspended.’”


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