WATCH! How Green Energy Impoverishes Us

Green energy impoverishes us because it adds another layer of expense that is not worth the amount of energy produced.

Instead of leading to prosperity or sustainability, green energy impoverishes people. That is because it doesn’t produce enough energy to even allow anyone to not use coal or oil as a “back up.”

Here is a good summary of the nonsense:

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The video is about a Canadian politician but it applies to all mainstream Western politicians. Here are two of the four points:

The second is, her plane isn’t powered by wind turbines. You can’t make planes in a factory made from wind turbines. Heck, you can’t make wind turbines in a factory powered by wind turbines.

Think about it…

Third: those wind turbines in Nova Scotia? They don’t actually produce power most of the time. They all need back-up generators.

So now Nova Scotia has two power systems. One for showing off, and one that does the work.

When politicians admit that their government energy policies are more expensive than traditional energy (i.e. energy production that has a track record of producing energy), this is why. They have to construct a whole new energy system using traditional energy and then keep traditional energy anyway. It is nothing but an expensive show that wouldn’t save the planet even if man-made global warming were really happening.

Of course, Ezra Levant also mentions that the politician uses jets all the time. You ever wonder why you hear so much more about the auto industry being forced to change than you do about the airline industry?

Do you think that it has nothing to do with the fact that the rich and powerful actually use jets both as transportation and a status symbol? Austerity (which is what green energy really means) is for the peasants, not the Nobility.

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