Watch as Former Official Admits Obama Administration behind the Spying and the Leaking

Former Obama administration official Dr. Evelyn Farkas appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss the ongoing imbrolglio involving President Trump, President Obama, the intelligence community, and the Russians. What she had to say seemed to shock host Mika Brzezinski as Farkas not only admitted but then explained how Obama era cronies gathered up the intelligence they had on the Trump administration and then began disseminating it throughout the government.


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Her commentary seems to give a solid foundation to a series of important issues that did not appear related until very recently.

First, it proves that it is the Obama administration and their loyal soldiers still in the intelligence community that are behind the harmful and illegal leaking of stories that continue to undermine President Trump. This is unprecedented in American history. The Obama administration was working hard in their last days to create a climate in Washington, D.C. that would make it almost impossible for our government to function smoothly. Instead of helping to provide a smooth transition that would guarantee the best possible outcome for our nation, Obama was playing politics and putting his party before his nation.

Secondly, it lends absolute credence to the idea that the Obama administration was spying on the Trump transition. Listen to what Farkas is saying, the administration spent most of their last days working on gathering and disseminating information that they though could be used against Trump once he became President. How could they do this if they weren’t actively keep an eye on the President-elect and his team?

Finally, President Obama knew about all of these underhanded dealings. ALL OF THEM. How do we know? Because one of Obama’s last acts as President was to sign an order that would allow his government to disseminate as much of the information as they had as far across the government network as they could. Before this order was signed it would have been difficult to get the information to various branches of government, where the information is useless, but now they could spread the muckraking far and wide. At the time many thought the order was meant as a device for the NSA to share information, but the reality is that the order was written to give Obama officials cover for spreading their Trump files around.

For anyone who wasn’t sure if the Obama administration was spying on Trump – now you know. And for anyone else who wasn’t sure if Obama knew what was going on – Farkas’ admission should put that question to rest. Obama was spying on Trump and he was neck-deep in the effort to undermine the future president.


Onan Coca

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