WATCH! This Donald Trump Advocate Does More than Convince Minorities

Donald Trump advocate Lynne Patton also shows how corrupt Hillary Clinton really is.

This Fox News feature brought in a black Donald Trump advocate to speak about minorities. But viewers should take away another point from the interview.

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Most viewers will be shocked that Trump called Hillary Clinton a bigot. He is obviously right. Her policies hurt minorities. Some may not believe that. But they certainly have not helped minorities. Yet Hillary expects them to vote for her.

Talk about “white privilege”!

She thinks she owns the black vote with no track record of helping them!

But the video shows something else. It shows that the Trump family has a charitable foundation.

How interesting. The Clinton family has a charitable foundation as well. At least it is supposed to be charitable.

The media obviously wants Hillary to win. They obviously portray Trump as greedy and unethical.

So why haven’t we heard anything about accusations against the Trump family’s charity work?

Patton has been a Donald Trump advocate for some time now. She made this viral video:

This video has been public for months. Exposing the corruption of the Trump family’s foundation would also hurt her influence.

The media must have investigated the Trumps foundation and their charitable giving. But we have yet to see a story.

Hillary Clinton recently defended her relationship to the Clinton Foundation. She said, “I know there’s a lot of smoke, and there’s no fire.”

That statement is interesting because it raises a question. If Trump is so corrupt and unethical, then why isn’t there a lot of smoke?

As far as I can tell from media reports, the sky is clear above the Trump family’s charity.

This story is related to Hillary Clinton’s black support. Corruption is the key to understanding why Democrats get the minority vote. By supporting a small group of black leaders with lucrative favors, Democrats gain advocates. They can ignore the rest.

As a Donald Trump advocate, Patton demonstrates how much better he is than Hillary.

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