Watch: Common Core Executive Makes Shocking Statements About U.S. Constitution

The latest undercover video to come out of Project Veritas, the third in their Common Core series, is a stunning insight into what is being taught – or not taught – in today’s educational curriculum.

In the video, a former executive at Pearson, the nation’s foremost school textbook publishing company, lambastes conservatives in the Texas State Education Board for trying to teach the Constitution in it’s proper context.

The executive, Kim Koerber, blasts the school board as “idiots,” but that’s far from the most offensive thing that comes out of her mouth.

Here’s a sampling of Koerber’s deplorable anti-Constitutional views:

 “The dead white guys did not create this country,” responding to the Texas school board wanting to teach students about the Founding Fathers.

Videographer: “Christianity is totally out of the common core?”  Koerber: “Yes it is. Totally. It’s not a core concept at all.”

“Damn the Second Amendment. I don’t think personal handguns need to be on anyone except the government, the police.”

Watch the full interview below:

Koerber goes on to explain that liberal teaching is superior to conservative teachings, which is an apparent admission that leftist education and indoctrination have been favored in Common Core textbooks.

However, the Constitution was written by White men who fought and sacrificed much to found America as a new country. Koerber doesn’t even have basic historical facts right. Is it any wonder that Common Core is such a disaster?

According to the U.S. Constitution, however, parents can opt out of Common Core. And, the Texas State Education Board has every right to question curriculum that erases American history from its textbooks.

Rusty Weiss writes for Mental Recession.


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