WATCH! Colombians Refuse Terrorist Surrender: Elites Are Stunned

The Colombian “peace deal” was rejected by the people as an intolerable terrorist surrender despite being pushed by the U.S. State Department.

It turns out that Syria isn’t the only terrorist surrender promoted by the Obama/Clinton cabal. The Colombian government attempted to negotiate such a surrender with the support of Obama’s State Department.

The fact that global elites were stacked in favor of the surrender to the FARC is demonstrated by the fact that the Columbian President was given a Nobel Peace Prize for this “peace deal,” despite it being rejected by voters.

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The only reason the FARC agreed to negotiate, however, was because they were losing. As the New York Post board declared,

We don’t begrudge Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos the Nobel Peace Prize, awarded Friday for his efforts to make peace with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC — but it should have been shared with the leaders who forced FARC to the table: Santos’ predecessor, Álvaro Uribe, and former US President George W. Bush.

Yes, most commentary will focus on the fact that Colombian voters last week narrowly voted down the deal Santos worked out with FARC to end 52 years of conflict.

But that doesn’t re-start the wars; it only forces Santos to work out a better deal. And FARC will be eager to talk, thanks to the facts on the ground created by Uribe with Bush’s help.

After decades of war and more than 220,000 dead, the Bush administration turned the Clinton-era “Plan Colombia” into a serious bid to turn the tide — a massive US aid package that bolstered Colombia’s military and helped focus on a strategy to end the violence.

With Uribe’s election in 2002, the campaign went into full effect — clearing areas of rebels, then holding them in the manner of a classic counter-insurgency campaign.

So why did the State Department, and the global oligarchy in general, back a terrorist surrender that gave them blackmail money, only asked that they cut back on drug trafficking, and gave these unelected terrorists seats in the congress and the senate?

The voter action is called “stunning,” and treated as outrageous as the Brits’ support for Brexit.

This contrived “peace deal” is a window as to what the Administration wants for Syria and why they want terrorist groups to stay viable. The goal is criminals in government. If Russia destroys them before they can force such a “peace deal” on Syria, that will spoil their plan.

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