WATCH: CNN Admits Fraudulent Monetary System

CNN Money basically advertises the global fraudulent monetary system but encourages viewers to accept it.

This video tells the story of our fraudulent monetary system as if it is morally and economically acceptable.

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Admitting there is only 80 trillion dollars in circulation in the entire planet, yet “financial instruments” involve many times that amount, is essentially telling us we are under a fraudulent monetary system. More money is owed than exists.

Once upon a time, when the money supply was (relatively) stable, prices usually dropped over time. Food, clothing, and shelter became more affordable. Now, the system makes prices rise, and the powers that be insist that price inflation is good for the economy.

But it is only good for the fortunes of the well-connected few. The rest of us are screwed so that they can be wealthier.

When Donald Trump made a brief comment on one piece of our fraudulent monetary system, Hillary Clinton responded that not even Presidents should make such comments. We must all believe CNN Money’s lunacy and never question it. To even comment is irresponsibly risky.

Tell me again how the government-banking syndicate gives us financial stability if even a wrong word threatens people’s retirement accounts.

The video above acknowledges that banks create money. Counterfeiting isn’t theft and illegal for that reason. Rather, counterfeiting is only allowed within the banking cartel. Counterfeiting by others is simply a violation of the government’s imposed monopoly.

If you want a calm analysis and critique of our fraudulent monetary system, you don’t have to go to the alternative media. You can simply watch the Khan Academy’s series on fractional reserve banking. Supported by Bill Gates, Salmon Khan is very much part of the establishment socially. But mathematical skill and basic intellectual integrity seem to overcome those limitations. As a result he exposes the whole system as both unethical and unstable.

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