The Canadian Parliament Is Made Up of Fantasizing Obama Fanboys [VIDEO]

Barack Obama at the Canadian Parliament showed all the sober realism of a rock concert.

The pathetic Canadian Parliament is on full display in this fawning “report” by the government network. Don’t watch this without a barf bag:

The fact that Liberals would indulge in such an embarrassing display shows they have no shame. What self-respecting government officials abase themselves before another foreign ruler by treating him like a rock star?

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And, of course, the orgy of self-congratulation was based on lies. For example, Obama singled out the province of Alberta which, as of 2015, has the Liberal, Rachel Notley, as Premier. It has been aggressively pursuing Carbon taxes and other measures. According to the Edmonton Journal,

During the speech, to Notley’s great surprise and delight, Obama singled out Alberta for praise.

“Alberta, the oil country of Canada, is working hard to reduce emissions while still promoting growth,” said Obama, referring to the Alberta government’s climate change plan. “So if Canada can do it and the United States can do it, the whole world can unleash economic growth and protect our planet. We can do this.”

Obama’s brief mention of Alberta was followed by thunderous applause from the audience — and another surprise for Notley.

“Most of the House of Commons rose to give (Obama) a standing ovation and (U.S.) Secretary of State John Kerry turned around and shook my hand, which was lovely,” Notley told Postmedia on Friday.

Obama is referring to this stuff:

The self-serving endorsement of Notley by Obama is treated as a vindication of her policies. But in fact, Alberta’s economy is shrinking rather than growing like it used to. According to Calgary News,

A new report indicates that the Alberta economy will shrink again through 2016 and real recovery may not be seen until at least 2017.

The document, published by the Conference Board of Canada, shows the Alberta economy will shrink by two percent in 2016.


Other economists say that while the end of the downturn is in sight, the rate of recovery could be slower than many believe.

They attempt to blame the wildfire, but the accompanying video admits that the economy is at a thirty-year low. At the very least there is no evidence that the environmental regime in Alberta has been successful at “promoting growth.”

The only “evidence” is Obama’s baseless claim and the “thunderous applause” his wishful thinking received. The entire event was an exercise in imagination. Like Obamacare, the President confidently boasts in things that aren’t real. His fanboys eat it up.

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