G.H.W. Bush Will Vote for Clinton? No Surprise!

A Liberal claims that George H. W. Bush will vote for Clinton and Fox News is shocked. Why?

The elder George Bush will vote for Clinton, according to Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. At least, she claims he told her he would. I don’t know if he told her that or not, but I don’t understand why Fox News treats this claim as if it is shocking.

I liked the way Washington Post columnist Philip Bump introduced the story much better:

As a gentle reminder of the pervasively interconnected nature of Washington politics, a member of the Kennedy family posted a private photo on Facebook of herself with former president George H. W. Bush.

“The President told me he’s voting for Hillary!!” the accompanying note read, indicating that Bush — ousted from office by Bill Clinton — might now be planning to vote for the former first lady. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend confirmed the conversation by phone to Politico.

“The pervasively interconnected nature of Washington politics.” In other words, the Bush families are all close friends with liberals. Fox pretends outrage to keep you ignorant of what is going on.

As I’ve pointed out before, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton were getting their funding from the same sources. I wrote in June,

Big Money sees no profit is supporting a man who opposes managed trade deals and foreign military interventionism. Hillary gets their investment dollars—their “campaign contributions.”

There is no reasonable doubt that Hillary Clinton is getting money from donors who supported Jeb Bush and other establishment candidates. She is probably getting money from some of the same people funding the “conservative” #NeverTrump movement.

This is nothing new. Early in 2015 is was reported that many donors were supporting both Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton.

The sad fact is that there is not much monetary support for rescuing the American economy in general. The money comes from the rich and powerful in return for policies that favor their own income.

So, if he said he would, it is no surprise that Bush will vote for Clinton. Indeed, in the Fox video below, they acknowledge that he might do so.

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