Watch as a Black Man and a White Woman Destroy Liberal Protesters with LOGIC

There has been a whole lot of ugliness over the last few months revolving particularly around the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.

That ugliness was largely pinned upon the beliefs, philosophies, and rhetoric of Donald Trump, but it was most visible in liberal protests against Mr. Trump. On more than a handful of occasions, liberal demonstrators, protesters, rioters, and thugs did much more than speak their upset at Trump and his supporters. Dozens of examples of violence and property damage were showcased as Trump supporters were cursed, ridiculed, punched, kicked, egged and spat upon.

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Most recently criminal rioters smashed windows and firebombed vehicles in D.C. just hours before President Trump was sworn into office. Then, in a weekend that should have been celebrating the “peaceful” transition of power from one party to another… more protests, demonstrations, and outcries. On Sunday hundreds of thousands of liberals took to the streets to protest… a bunch of stuff. Apparently, their list of grievances had been growing and they couldn’t find the time to protest until just after President Obama left office.

Thankfully, brave and intrepid souls across the country stood ready to challenge the angry protesting masses by asking them a few simple questions… like: why? And: who?

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One of the best confrontations took place in Los Angeles where one brave man, surrounded by hecklers, spoke truth to the unruly throng.

Oh, thank heavens for “Big Joe,” who stood his ground and delivered logic and intelligence to the purposefully ignorant protesters.

Big Joe wasn’t the only one preaching to the masses, Ms. Summer White was out making new friends in Phoenix, Arizona, where protesters couldn’t seem to tell her who exactly they were protesting (seriously).

Folks, we need MORE of this. As conservatives it isn’t in our nature to yell, protest, and fight back, but we (all of us) need to become more active in our own defense. When liberals shout their vitriolic lies about us, we should respond with the truth. When they grow aggressive and even violent – we cannot allow that to dissuade us from confrontation. We cannot allow ourselves to be cowed into submission. We must embrace the discomfort of standing for what we believe so that our children can continue to enjoy the freedoms that we have, for too long, taken for granted.

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