WATCH: Bill Clinton Thoroughly Enjoys the View at Aretha Franklin’s Funeral

Bill Clinton has always been pretty creepy, as any quick survey of his career will tell you.

Sure, the Democrats have managed to dismiss the majority of his creepiness off as politically-driven hearsay from, as “women’s champion” Hillary Clinton put it, a “bimbo explosion” (why does she always make up expressions that no one uses?).

But its hard to deny the long list of women who claim they’ve been groped, harassed…or worse…by the former POTUS?

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You certainly can’t deny the way he looks at women in public, which, with the miracle of technology, we’ve been able to capture more and more as the years go on.

Equally undeniable is that his overall creepiness coupled with the fact that he’s aging about as well as the Crypt Keeper are a really, really bad combination, and while he may have been able to get with his doggishness more often when he was a young, handsome statesmen, now he’s officially just a creepy old man.

And, like many creepy old men, he seems to clearly not even give a hoot anymore, which was on full display Friday at the star-studded funeral for Aretha Franklin, civil rights activist and the undeniable Queen of Soul.

Clinton was on stage behind 25-year-old pop singer Ariana Grande as she performed a tribute to Franklin, and he looked positively gleeful–yes, this was at a funeral–as he ogled Grande up and down, in full view of the cameras which yes, caught a glimpse of his shameless display:

Other than the blatant disrespect for the dead, complete abandonment of Presidential dignity, and obvious objectification of a woman who is a half-century younger than himself, the biggest shame here is that Hillary wasn’t next to him to catch him this time, like she was at Trump’s inauguration as he enjoyed the view of Ivanka:

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