WATCH: Allie Beth Stuckey SLAMS Republicans for Cowardice on Abortion

Abortion is not like other controversial issues.

Things like the Second Amendment, immigration, public welfare programs, and kneeling during the National Anthem have lots of wiggle room.

Some gun laws are sensible. DACA amnesty doesn’t kill anyone. Public welfare has some understandable reasons for existing. A liberal society allows for anti-patriotism.

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But abortion is black-and-white. You’re either fully opposed to the termination of life in the womb, or you support abortion. There is no in-between.

But when it comes to the Republican party, the party that is supposedly pro-life, they try to make it as grey as possible. For example, campaigning on pro-life rhetoric and then getting weak-kneed when it comes to cutting off funding for the nation’s largest abortion mill.

Not exactly pro-life.

“Conservative Millenial” Allie Beth Stuckey took to Facebook this week to slam the Republican party, and rightly so, for their cowardice when it comes to one of the most important moral issues, if not the most important moral issue, on the plate today. And she nailed it:

The Republican Party is not the pro-life Party. Sure, we are the Party with some pro-life people in it, but we are not the pro-life Party. If we were, we would have defunded Planned Parenthood, the number one abortion provider in this country, a long time ago.

As you guys know, Senator Rand Paul tried and unfortunately failed to pass an amendment to the spending bill in the Senate that would have defunded Planned Parenthood, who gets, I think it’s $400 or $500 million of our tax-paying dollars every year. Murkowski and Collins, two “Republican” Senators, voted against it. But it’s not really just their fault. This is a problem in the Republican Party in general. If we were just even a fraction as united in our desire and in our pursuit to stop abortion as the Democrats were in keeping abortion around, we probably would have accomplished it by now. We would have at least passed legislation to make it very difficult to get an abortion, but we can’t even really do that. We can’t even defund Planned Parenthood, who doesn’t even need the $500 million that they get every year.

And the reason is because too many Republicans, (A) aren’t really pro-life. They’ve bought into this lie that “you’re body, your choice.” It’s a libertarian position when it’s really not. It’s just an illogical and murderous position. (B) There are too many Republicans that are just too scared to touch this issue, which they think is too controversial – it’s a social issue; they’re going to push people away – not realizing that this is the foundation of conservatism, that if you don’t fight for the right to life, then you don’t have any grounds on which you can fight for liberty or the pursuit of happiness either – the things that conservatives are supposed to be fighting for. It’s like building a house without a foundation. You’ll be able to do it, but it’s going to fall. The third reason, which might be the saddest reason, is that too many Republicans just don’t care about this issue. They think that it’s superfluous or that it’s secondary to the economy and all of these other things.

Look, I’m a capitalist. I care about the economy, I care about immigration, I care about the Second Amendment, but none of these things matter if we are not fighting for the right to life, for the recognition of the dignity of human beings.

What is an economy, what is a secure border, what is the right to bear arms if you don’t recognize the dignity of the individual? It is for the dignity of the individual that we even have any of our other rights.

So, I’m sad. I don’t know what to do; I don’t know how to unite Republicans in this cause. What I know is that we have a bunch of spineless lawmakers that don’t really value the right to life, and we have too many people that claim conservative values and claim Republicanism without actually valuing our most fundamental principles, which is really encompassed in the pro-life position.

Want to know why Republicans are unsuccessful in executing a pro-life agenda? Because too many don't care. Too many are scared to touch it. Too many aren't actually pro-life. We're not united on it. Democrats don't have that problem. They all agree: we must save abortion at all costs.

Posted by Allie on CRTV on Friday, August 24, 2018


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