Washington State AG Wants to Ban Popular Hunting and Target Rifles

Robert Watson Ferguson, better known as Bob Ferguson is the 51-year-old Attorney General for the State of Washington. The fourth generation Washington native is a staunch liberal Democrat who mirrors many of Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s anti-Second Amendment policies.

In a recent statement, Ferguson announced that he is planning to propose legislation that would ban the sale of all semi-automatic rifles and ammunition magazines. The scope of his proposed ban is not known since the legislation has yet to be drafted, but everyone needs to be aware that many of the most popular types of hunting and target rifles are semi-automatic. For the gun novices out there, semi-automatic means that you must pull the trigger for each shot. They are not the rapid fire weapons of mass destruction as many ignorant liberals would have you believe. My dad’s favorite hunting rifle was a Remington 742 semi-automatic 30.06 which had a four-round magazine. The Remington Woodmaster series hunting rifles, regardless of caliber (.244, .280, .308 or 30-06), all popular hunting rifles, would be banned from being sold if Bob Ferguson has his way.

Ferguson’s announcement coincides with efforts by a number of anti-gun groups in the State of Washington. His announcement also reveals the true motive behind Ferguson’s ideology along with those of the anti-groups and that is to undermine and eventually eliminate the Second Amendment.

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According to the NRA:

“This proposed legislation is nothing more than a political maneuver by Attorney General Bob Ferguson that could prevent Washingtonians from being able to effectively defend themselves. Instead of playing games with the rights of his constituency, maybe AG Ferguson could focus on stopping the criminals who commit the crimes instead. Criminals do not abide by new gun laws, and will continue to break the law using whatever tool they wish to commit their crimes. This legislation will only disarm and restrict law-abiding gun owners from being able to defend themselves using the most effective means.”

“Again, please contact Attorney General Bob Ferguson by calling (360) 753-6200 or by emailing him here, and voice your disappointment.  Encourage your friends, family and fellow gun owners to do the same.”

If you live in Washington and value your Second Amendment rights and/or enjoy hunting, then you need to take action to make sure Ferguson does not succeed. Contact him and everyone you know and let them know that their constitutional rights are being threatened by Washington State’s Attorney General Bob Ferguson.

You also need to realize that if Hillary Clinton gets elected in November, she’ll do the same thing as Ferguson in proposing one gun ban after another. She’s daring enough to go beyond what Obama has done and will likely issue a series of executive orders to ban guns, ammunition magazines and strip Americans of their constitutional rights to defend themselves.

These words of Thomas Jefferson were true over 200 years ago and they are still true today:

“No freeman shall be debarred the use of arms (within his own lands or tenements).” [Jefferson’s draft of the Virginia Constitution]

“I learn with great concern that [one] portion of our frontier so interesting, so important, and so exposed, should be so entirely unprovided with common fire-arms. I did not suppose any part of the United States so destitute of what is considered as among the first necessaries of a farm-house.” [Thomas Jefferson Letter to Jacob J. Brown, 1808. The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, Memorial Edition (ME), Lipscomb and Bergh, editors, 20 Vols., Washington, D.C., 1903-04, 11:432.]

“The constitutions of most of our States assert that all power is inherent in the people; that… it is their right and duty to be at all times armed.” [Thomas Jefferson letter to John Cartwright, 1824 . The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, Memorial Edition (ME), Lipscomb and Bergh, editors, 20 Vols., Washington, D.C., 1903-04, 16:45.]



Dave Jolly

R.L. David Jolly holds a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and an M.S. in Biology – Population Genetics. He has worked in a number of fields, giving him a broad perspective on life, business, economics and politics. He is a very conservative Christian, husband, father and grandfather who cares deeply for his Savior, family and the future of our troubled nation.

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