Washington Post Looking to Silence Talk of Clinton Crime Family

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The radical left has become the party of offensive tactics over the course of the last year, but one of their most ardent literary supporters just upped the ante on defense.

The left wing extremists of the democratic party have spent the better part of the last year absolutely barraging President Donald J. Trump with every manner of attack that they possibly could.  They’ve insinuated that he is a bigot.  They’ve attempted to pin Russian election conspiracies on him.  They’ve even alleged that the leader of the free world is keen on incest.

In all honesty, the radical left has shown an utter lack of tact and decorum during the fledgling Presidency of Trump, which very likely helped to inspire violent acts such as the one carried out by GOP baseball shooter James T. Hodgkinson.

Now, with all of this outward anger being countered by new accusations surrounding the Clinton Foundation, the left is being forced to play a bit more defense than they are accustomed to.  For this reason, the liberal media has stepped up their game immensely, with the Washington Post now attempting to influence the national narrative.

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“A Wednesday Washington Post op-ed is calling for Republicans to give the Clintons a pass and stop discussing decades of sexual misconduct and scandals because ‘their political careers are over.’

“The piece, by pro-hijab Canadian History Professor Matthew A. Sears is the latest in a string of similar columns to acknowledge Bill Clinton’s decades of sexual misdeeds were once relevant, but to argue they are largely undeserving of attention now.

“’Many liberals have for a long time thought a Clinton reckoning is long overdue,’ Sears writes, ‘We look back with great horror and shame at the way the allegations against Clinton were handled in the ’90s, not to mention the appalling and life-ruining treatment meted out against his accusers.’

“Indeed, long after it would have a significant political impact, liberals are ready for a ‘reckoning.’ In just the last week, top Democrats have, at long last, decided Clinton should have resigned over his behavior in the White House in the 1990s. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Sen. Kristen Gillibrand (D-NY), for example.”

Now, for the kicker:

“’None of that,’ though, Sears argues, should take away from the opportunity to attack Roy Moore right now, over allegations that, unlike Bill Clinton’s, are entirely unproven, at the moment of maximum political effect. While Al Franken is mentioned briefly as the new Republican scapegoat, Rep. John Conyers (D-NY), a legendary house Democrat who reached a settlement for sexual harassment, is not.”

Once again, the moral hypocrisy of the left has us utterly concerned for the future of American politics.

This ethical crevasse that the democrats have been traversing for decades is about to swallow them whole, and the liberal media has been frantically attempting to throw a life preserver into the abyss over the course of the last few weeks.  It will likely be too little, too late for the doomed democratic party, however.

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