Washington DC Preparing for Chaos as Massive Rally Rolls into Town

As America prepares to look back in time one year at the Charlottesville incident of 2017, there is far too much potential for a repeat in the streets of our nation’s capital.

In Charlottesville, an already angry group of white nationalists had planned to gather in order to save a statue, slated for removal, that celebrated the lives lost during the Civil War.  Given the tumult in that sentence alone, counter protests were almost a guarantee in Charlottesville.  When the two sides came together, chaos ensued.

The reprehensible behavior of the white nationalist groups gave way to anger and violence from the radical left, and when it was all said and done, three people were dead;  Heather Heyer, an activist on the ground, and two police officers who were killed in a helicopter crash while monitoring the anarchy.

This weekend marks the 1 year anniversary of this American tragedy, and the same white nationalists are back at it again…this time bringing their bigotry to the Beltway.

Washington authorities said they will ramp up the capital city’s emergency level when white nationalists and counterprotesters demonstrate Sunday at the same park outside the White House.

The National Park Service said Wednesday it issued a permit for a rally in Lafayette Park by Unite the Right, the white supremacist network that organized a protest in Charlottesville, Virginia last year that turned deadly.

But the service said it has also issued a permit at the same park on the same day for counterprotesters, a move that appeared to raise the prospects of a violent clash right in front of the White House.

“Law enforcement’s goal during the entire operational period will be to keep the two groups separated,” DC Police Chief Peter Newsham told reporters, as he added a warning to anyone coming to the city threatening violence.

“If you come here with the intent to hurt someone or break something, we’re going to put you under arrest,” said Newsham.

Will cooler heads prevail, or will the the young people of both the left and the right side of the aisle come together to denounce bigotry and hatred across the street from the White House?

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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