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Washed Up Rock Star Screaming Obscenities at President at EVERY Concert


America’s Church of Celebrity has grown into an unwieldy and self-serving cacophony of voices, hellbent on riding trend-waves to stay afloat.

The latest cause du jour for the famous and elite has been dissenting against President Donald Trump in any way possible.  Whether that dissent comes in the form of overacted and boring PSA-style video disses or threats to move out of the country, it has become utterly mainstream to lambast our nation’s leadership.

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Enter Billie Joe Armstrong, lead singer of 90’s flash-in-the-pan band Green Day.

“Members of rock band Green Day revealed to Rolling Stone in an extensive interview Monday that they shout ‘F*ck you, Donald Trump’ at every stop on their nationwide tour while performing the title track from their 2004 album ‘American Idiot.’

“’I feel we’re a voice to join the resistance. I don’t know what shape or form that’s going to come in. I mean, you can see a little bit of that now with people showing up at town halls,’ guitarist and lead vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong told Rolling Stone. ‘But it’s hard. To think we’re only in the second month of this presidency. It’s like every day you’re fed a different form of bullsh*t. I think that’s what people are: They’re victims of constant bullsh*t.’

“Asked if he views George W. Bush’s presidency differently now that he’s living in the era of Trump, Armstrong said: ‘No. Bush, as far as I’m concerned, is a war criminal. With Trump, we have no idea. Right now it’s just a freak show.’”

While constructive criticism of our politicians is certainly a necessary piece of our American democracy, these low-brow and classless attacks by a 45 year old man-child playing “punk” songs for disenfranchised high schoolers is far from what the founding fathers would have envisioned for the First Amendment.

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