Was I Wrong About Obama?

For the past four years, I’ve been writing that I would not be surprised to see Barack Obama create some sort of national emergency so that he could declare martial law and seize dictatorial control of the country.

Part of those expectations were based upon the fact that Barack Hussein Obama is a socialist. In his own autobiography, he talks about all the people that influenced his life growing up and they were all socialists. His personal idol and mentor was famed black socialist Frank Marshall Davis. (Just a quick side note, some conspiracy theorists claim that Marshall could be Obama’s real father as Obama looks a lot more like Davis than his reported father Barack Obama Sr.)

When Obama was sworn into office in January 2009, he appointed many socialists and Marxists to surround him in his administration. Many of Obama’s actions were very socialistic in nature. He openly defied the US Constitution and violated federal laws. He assumed more power than he was due. He took measures to trample on the constitutional rights of the majority of Americans that made America great – Christians, middle class, conservatives and those who are patriotic. Obama also intentionally weakened America by allowing millions of illegals to remain in the nation, he reduced our military to the weakest it’s been since prior to World War II, and he has intentionally poured fuel on the fires of racial hatred to cause a huge division within the nation. America was made great because of the Christian principles it was founded upon and lived by for over 200 years, but Obama attacked that Christian foundation and has been steadily replacing it with the destructive religion of Islam which has vowed to destroy our nation.

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The real reason behind forcing Obamacare down our throats had nothing to do with lowering the costs of healthcare or health insurance but had everything to do with forcing the American people to accept a socialistic program. Obamacare and the many once hidden provision gave the federal government, and especially Obama, the power over one of the largest and most necessary industries in America. It allowed Obama to force Christians to go against their faith in paying for services that provided abortions, birth control for others and for their employees. With the help of the Supreme Court and Chief Justice Roberts, Obamacare instituted a penalty for not participating in the nation’s first socialistic program.

During Obama’s reign, he has executed executive orders that would give the President complete control over all communications – television, cable, radio, phone and internet – in the case of a declared national emergency. With those powers, he could control every aspect of business, banking and our lives.

Then our economy appeared to finally make a turn around and begin to improve.

Then I thought Obama would create an energy crisis with his war on coal, oil and electrical power plants that operate on fossil fuels. He openly told the nation that electrical rates would skyrocket under his administration. Coal mines have been shut down and hundreds of miners put out of work because of his war on coal. Some electrical power plants have been shut down because of Obama’s un-realistic new regulations. Obama intentionally has refused to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline which would help make America totally energy self-sufficient and no longer reliant on Venezuelan and Middle Eastern oil.

Then gasoline prices at the pumps began to go down and my electrical bill did not skyrocket.

Then I saw how Obama was intentionally undermining and weakening our military. First he allowed homosexuals to openly serve and threatened anyone in the military, including Christian chaplains with court martials if they opposed or disobeyed the welcoming and servicing of homosexuals. Then he systematically began cutting the defense budget and reducing the size of our military. Obama was the impetus behind the reduction in the number of war ships, tanks, artillery, missiles and manpower in our military. He also began asking top military leaders if they would open fire on American citizens if ordered to do so and those who said no were removed from their positions or drummed out of the service.

I honestly expected Barack Obama to not only cause a national emergency and take control but that in doing so he would eliminate the next national election taking place today. But here we are going to the polls today to not only elect America’s next leader but to vote on the direction we want our nation to take.

So, was I wrong about Obama and his motives? Well, he’s not out of office yet, and he still has a couple months to make something happen. Will he? Depends on who wins today’s election. If Hillary Clinton wins, I expect Obama to continue to set up her socialistic take over. If Donald Trump wins the election, then perhaps it would not be out of character for Obama to take some kind of drastic action between now and January to prevent Trump from actually taking office and undo so much of what he has done. I guess we’ll just have to wait 2 and a half more months to see if I’ve been wrong about Obama or not.


Dave Jolly

R.L. David Jolly holds a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and an M.S. in Biology – Population Genetics. He has worked in a number of fields, giving him a broad perspective on life, business, economics and politics. He is a very conservative Christian, husband, father and grandfather who cares deeply for his Savior, family and the future of our troubled nation.

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