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WARNING: European Politicians Bought and Paid for by Anti-American, Left-wing Billionaire George Soros

The country of Hungary is warning Europe and the world that hundreds of European politicians are essentially on the payroll of left-wing, anti-American billionaire George Soros after a series of documents were leaked by a government watchdog group.

The list of  politicians was leaked by watchdog group DC Leaks and includes up to 226  European politicians. In fact, on the list is former European Parliament President Martin Schulz, seven EU vice presidents, and a large number of committee heads, and others, Breitbart News reported.

Dr. Zoltán Kovács, Hungary’s secretary of state for Public Diplomacy, warned that the documents show what Euro pols are considered “reliable allies” with George Soros and his destructive Open Society Foundation.

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“If this report threatened only Hungary, it wouldn’t be a problem,” Kovács said. “The Hungarian government has grown accustomed to countering the groundless accusations and false information used by the proponents of this radical open society agenda. But this time it’s not just Hungary. It endangers the future of Europe as a whole.”

The Hungarian official questioned how Soros was able to meet with President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker in a closed-door meeting and why the people of Europe were not made aware of what was said and done in that meeting.

But more importantly, Kovács wondered how it was that Juncker’s economic plan looked so amazingly similar to Soros’ advertised plans. It was almost like Soros simply handed his plan to the Luxembourg-born pol, and Juncker just put it into motion without any discussion or investigation.

Imagine that.

Kovács went on to warn that the released documents seem to “list key players in European institutions that can be counted on as trustworthy allies of [George Soros’] goals.”

Kovács isn’t alone with his warnings. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán also noted recently that if it were up to Soros, the current dangerous migrant policies causing a flood of Muslims to enter Europe would become permanent. And if permanent the policy would continue to bring terrorism and high crime rates right along with the continued avalanche of Muslim immigrants.

Kovács also warned about this migrant crisis destroying Europe.

“The fact that an American billionaire financier believes that the European Union should receive millions of immigrants from the Middle East and Northern Africa, provide each one with an annual 15,000 EUR in aid, and resettle these migrants in member-states where they do not wish to go and are not necessarily welcome, is outrageous,” he said.

“What we call the ‘Soros plan’ is an alien, completely different vision to what we believe should be the path for the EU, especially in migration,” Kovács said in another interview.

Hungary is also worried about the Soros migrant plan. The country’s government has been sounding the alarm bells over the destructive plans for some time, now.

According to the Financial Times, PM Orban recently asserted that Soros planned to force every European country to abide by his migrant plan no matter what those countries and their people want.

Viktor Orban, Hungary’s prime minister, has claimed there is a “Soros plan” to force Hungary and other European nations to accept more migrants. “It is an action plan that describes exactly how disobedient, non-immigrant central European countries should be transformed into immigrant countries,” Mr. Orban told a gathering of religious leaders in parliament this week.

Leaders of Fidesz, PM Orbán’s party, are warning that too many EU officials “eat from Soros’ hand.”

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