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War of Words Between Trump and Kim Jong Un Gets Downright Silly

During President Trump’s first year in office, the Commander in Chief has been on the receiving end of plenty of strange insults.

A great many of these have come from the sore-loser left who are still reeling from the embarrassment that Hillary Clinton received during the 2016 election.  The radical left, emboldened by the democrats, have called the President everything in the book:  Racist, sexist, fascist, and bigoted, to say the least.  A thousand impressions of the President have popped up in the media as well, piling on to the pathetic number of attacks that the liberal voter base has launched at a sitting President.

Then, from overseas, Trump is getting shellacked as well.  One of his main detractors from outside of the United States has been North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, who has been proclaiming the President a “dotard” for months; an archaic English language term that refers to old, senile, and crazy people.

After several iterations of this “dotard” theme, President Trump took to Twitter to unleash a blunt, and frankly hilarious response to the diminutive despot of the DPRK.

“President Trump said Saturday that he would never call North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ‘short and fat,’ after Kim’s government slammed Trump as an ‘old lunatic’ following a recent speech in neighboring South Korea.

“’Why would Kim Jong Un insult me by calling me “old”, when I would NEVER call him “short and fat?” Oh well, I try so hard to be his friend — and maybe someday that will happen!,’ Trump tweeted Saturday evening while in Vietnam, as part of his five-nation Asian trip.

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“Trump was responding to North Korea calling his South Korea speech days earlier: ‘reckless remarks by an old lunatic.'”

Previously, the war of words between these two world leader had been strictly aimed at preventing the other from making unforgivable military maneuvers against the other.

Kim Jong Un has long been fond of threatening to annihilate the United States and her allies via a barrage of nuclear weapons that he may or may not possess.  His statements and propaganda videos have included everything from telling the world that he’ll “sink Japan” to motion pictures that depict the United States in a state of complete ruin amid a nuclear winter.

Now, it seems, the dainty dictator would rather take things to a 5th grade level – something that Trump has proven that he can counter with class and a sense of humor.


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