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War On Christianity Comes to Campus in Oklahoma

There has been an unnerving leftist trend on college campuses in recent years, and the latest development out of Oklahoma will have you fuming.

Our nation’s universities have long been breeding grounds for liberal thoughts and ideas, and no time in our modern history has this been quite as apparent as it is right now.  The election of Donald Trump has sent leftists into a complete and utter meltdown, with riots taking place at UC Berkeley merely because a conservative author was scheduled to speak on campus, and students at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia requiring counseling after seeing the President’s name written in chalk.

Now, in Oklahoma, conservative Christian values are now under siege by campus liberals, and you won’t believe what thy are going after

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“An Oklahoma public university is reconsidering its original decision to remove religious articles from its chapel after it received a complaint from an organization that describes itself as a ‘national religious liberty watchdog group.’

“On Friday East Central University (ECU) announced it was putting a halt to its removal of religious articles, such as bibles and crosses, from its Kathryn P. Boswell Memorial Chapel and steeple, until receiving feedback from students and faculty.

“’We moved too quickly,’ said Katricia Pierson, ECU president. ‘We regret not taking time to pause and thoughtfully consider the request and the results of our actions on all of the students, faculty and community members who we serve.’

 “Pierson said the school began removing the religious items after receiving a complaint from Americans United for Separation of Church and State, a group that says it ‘envision[s] an America where everyone can freely choose a faith and support it voluntarily, or follow no religious or spiritual path at all, and where the government does not promote religion over non-religion or favor one faith over another.’”
This censorship of the Christian faith falls directly in line with the teachings of radical Islamic terror groups, who have long considered their mission to be the elimination of the “worshipers of the cross”.
Colleges in the United States were once considered bastions of free thought and challenging social constraints.  Now, however, they have morphed into liberal echo chambers and havens of overblown political correctness that threatens the very way of life that Americans have enjoyed for centuries.

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