If You Want Rights, Become an LGBT Illegal Alien

This is an editorial piece and shares the views of the author only.

Since Barack Obama became the occupier of the White House, straight Christian conservative American citizens have been losing their constitutional rights to LGBT people and illegal aliens.

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LGBT people have been given the right to force their views on everyone. They can walk into a public school and tell your kids that their sinful and perverted lifestyles are normal, acceptable and even preferred. If a Christian student speaks up in defense of their faith, they are often disciplined, chastised and bullied.

A person claiming to be transgender can violate the rights of every other person of the opposite biological sex by entering their bathrooms and locker rooms. If they complain in some states or cities, they can actually be charged with a crime.

An LGBT person or persons can walk into a business run by Christians and force them to blaspheme against their beliefs. If the Christian stands up for their faith, they are charged with discrimination and often ordered to pay a substantial fine and still go against their faith.

A couple of states have recently passed religious freedom laws, allowing Christians to not be forced into violating their faiths. Sadly, the liberal media and population only see the laws as a way to discriminate against themselves. They have no problem discriminating and violating the rights of Christians. North Carolina is taking a rash of heat and protest by liberal America. Musicians and businesses are threatening to take their business out of the state. They care nothing about the rights of Christians and Jews, only the unconstitutional preferential and discriminatory rights that have been given to LGBT people.

The same is true for illegal aliens, people who have violated federal immigration laws to enter OUR country illegally. In many states, they receive free medical care, something that American citizens don’t receive. Illegals receive free public education because they don’t pay taxes. In some states, illegals are allowed to attend university without having to pay out-of-state tuition. Where is the justice when natural born US citizen have to pay sky high out of state tuition to attend college in another state but foreign born, non-US citizen here illegally are allowed to attend college and only pay in-state-tuition?

In some liberally run states, illegals are automatically being registered to vote, even though they are not legally eligible to vote, when they apply for a state driver’s license. Yet natural born US citizens in most states have to take it upon themselves to register to vote, just ask Donald Trump’s kids who failed to do so in time in New York.

Illegals and LGBT have more rights and privileges today than I do because I’m a straight, happily married, conservative Christian white male. In the past decade, I’ve seen many of my constitutional rights stripped away because Democrats and other liberals are hell bent on destroying everything that made America great. They are taking our country away from us destroying it and turning it over to illegal and sinful, abominable and depraved people.

I know we are already under God’s judgment (read Romans 1:18-31), but I’m petrified that I’ll still be alive when God brings His wrath down on our nation, for even the righteous and faithful will not escape His wrath. Just read about what Daniel and his friends went through. That, folks, scares me more than anything else which is why I pray for America’s repentance.

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