WALMART GONE WILD: Anti-Trump Baby Clothes Spur BIG TIME Boycott

Whatever path that our nation is on, we are moving at what feels like the speed of light in 2018.  Unsure if what lies ahead at the end of the tunnel is a freight train or not, it would behoove all of us to take a few deep breaths before anyone else gets hurt.

Unfortunately, that is precisely the opposite of the stance taken by the democratic left, who have been steadily increasing their attacks on our President, and conservatism as a whole.  Why?  Simply because of the mainstream media’s insistence on exerting their liberal bias the world over.  This liberal bias, as we’ve explained before, comes from the model of the mainstream media in which the advertisers who buy air time fairly well dictate how the network leans.

You see, on the internet, we don’t have that problem.  The advertisements that you see come from your personal browsing history through the universal use of cookies.  You see ads that are relevant to you and to the subject matter at hand.

On television, you just get whatever CNN wants you to see.

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So here, on the world wide web, we are free of such concerns, at least to some extent.

But we do have a tool to fight this ideological tyranny of television:  The boycott.  Now, thanks to an uncouth and rather moronic piece of apparel being sold at, one the of the nation’s largest retailers is facing the full power of the tactic.

Walmart was hit with threats of a boycott Monday after customers became incensed when the retail giant began selling a line of clothes with slogans advocating the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

The outrage over the “Impeach 45” t-shirts and other clothing sparked a campaign on social media with a hashtag of #BoycottWalmart, Fox News reported.

Conservative activist Ryan Fournier was one of those who first discovered the anti-Trump Walmart clothing line when he saw the “Impeach 45” baby jumper on the Walmart website.

Also, predictably, the shirt just makes no sense whatsoever.

Is your baby playing baseball in this?  Is there a team of anti-Trump toddlers teeing off on some MAGA-onesie-wearing baby baseballer?

I just want to know where the intersection of sports and procedural politics is.  OH.  WAIT.  We’ve seen this before:

Right.  The last time these two sentiments were on the field at the same time, it was when a liberal lunatic attempted to murder the GOP charity baseball team.

Yeah, that’s real cute.

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