Wall Street’s Fearless Girl Statue Gets Muslim Makeover To Expose Leftist Hypocrisy

While it has been well demonstrated that leftists in America are hypocritical to the umpteenth degree, one woman’s shaming of the liberal philosophy is turning heads on Wall Street.

In a move that has been widely panned by critics, a poorly sculpted “fearless girl” was installed on Wall Street earlier this year, staring down the iconic “charging bull” statue.  While the girl’s creator believed that she was making a political statement about the power that women should possess in the American financial landscape, her tawdry child’s visage is misaligned.  You see, the Charging Bull statue is meant to symbolize the strength of the American economy, not some perceived “boy’s club” nonsense, and the “fearless girl” herself seems to be admonishing this most American of symbols.  Furthermore, the sculptor of the Charging Bull has gone on record to lambast the “fearless girl” statuette as a shameless plug for the artist, and for the company that commissioned the sculpture as a publicity stunt.

Now, as this intruder on Wall Street continues to garner blind and ignorant praise from a hypocritical liberal fanbase, one activist has chosen to use the sculpture to expose the left’s great ignorance of the Muslim faith’s most deplorable treatment of women, and, based on the reactions to her work, she has certainly struck a nerve by placing a burqa on the young girl’s statue.

“Laura Loomer, a reporter for Rebel Media, can be seen placing the Islamic garment over the bronze sculpture while demanding left-wing feminists denounce the treatment of women in the Middle East.

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“Even before the Muslim veil was properly fitted on the statue, one unknown man, clearly offended by the scene, attempted to steal the controversial Islamic garb.

“Reports indicate that such protests, headed up by “ACT for America,” a group opposed to radical Islam, were seen in more than 20 cities nationwide.”

The left, while almost always publicly aligning themselves with feminism, have done themselves a great disservice by also imploring the nation to turn a blind eye toward the Islamic treatment of women.  Afraid of offending anyone over their purported religious views, liberals have simply ignored the rampant and institutional abuse of women at the hands of the Muslim faithful.  It seems, at least for these social justice twerps, that offending the orthodox and radical Islamic base is far less acceptable than fighting for the rights of women around the globe.



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