#WALKAWAY: A Hashtag Turning Democrats into Deplorables

Every now and then, Twitter gets hit with a dose of The Donald in such a manner that even they can’t suppress or shadowban the movement.

We know all too well that America is undergoing a conservative awakening of sorts.  We The People are no longer being guided by the meek, unassuming, and frightfully patient Barack Obama; the man who gave the whole farm away to Iran as Americans everywhere looked on in utter shock.

Instead, we are looking toward Donald J. Trump; one of those rare characters in American folklore who has earned the single-worded moniker every bit as well as Prince or Sting.

Trump.  It just sounds like certainty to me,  with maybe a little indignant defiance mixed in there as well.

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So, now that we have this fantastic beast of sheer willpower sitting high in the Oval Office, the nation is remembering what “America First” really, truly means:  There is nothing that our nation cannot face when we work as one.  The divide that the democrats are attempting to install into our political scenery is unnerving and inexcusable.

But what happens when you clue in the liberal left as to what Trump truly means for our nation?  You get an explosively popular and maddeningly efficient way to bring democrats back into America.


Simple.  Strong.  Bold.  Just walk away.  From what, you ask?  The democratic party.

Twitter users have been using the hashtag to tell their stories of coming back around:

These stories are rather inspiring, but wait until you see the poignant, and sometimes uncomfortable memes that are springing up all over social media.

And, my personal favorite:

Ladies and gentlemen, this could be the big one.  The moment that America rises from the ashes of globalist treachery.

This July 4th, free yourself of the damnation of the democrats.  On Independence Day, #WalkAway.

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