VP-elect Mike Pence tells Congress to “Get to Work,” Paul Ryan says “We Will Deliver”

Folks. There are less than 3 weeks before the end of the Obama era and the beginning of the Trump presidency.

There hasn’t been this much hope for change since President Obama was first elected way back in 2008. Obama proved to be a massive disappointment, but perhaps Trump can create a real legacy of change and hopefully it will be for the better.

To that end, VP elect told reporters on Tuesday morning that the Trump team had a clear message for Congress… “Get to Work!”

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Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) must have been reading Pence’s mind because shortly after being reelected as Speaker of the House, Ryan told his colleagues and America “We Will Deliver!”

In a few years’ time, I hope that the people will say of this 115th Congress, that we didn’t just pay lip service to this beautiful American idea, that we made it a reality for everyone. We are not here to be. We are here to do. We are here to improve people’s lives. Grow our economy. Keep us safe. Improve our health care and infrastructure. Fight poverty. Restore self-government. Friends, we’ve got our work cut out for us. As your Speaker, I intend to keep this place running at full speed.

I have my doubts about the next administration, I have even deeper doubts about the GOP establishment doing what they promised us they would, but today I am putting those doubts aside and hoping beyond hope that conservatives will deliver us the America we are yearning for.

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