Is the VP Debate being Rigged?

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On the heels of the first Vice Presidential Debate, VP Candidate, Senator Tim Kaine, is prepping, studying, strategizing, and comparing notes with the husband of a very influential and senior CBS correspondent, Rita  Braver, who has a relationship with the moderator of next week’s VP Debate, Elaine Quijano, according to a NY Post article.  This revelation is disturbing, to say the least, as it follows the accusations of improprieties between Lester Holt, the NBC moderator, and the Clinton campaign in the first Presidential Debate.

Even if the relationship the two seasoned CBS correspondents have is just a “working relationship”, did no one in the Hillary camp stop to think that this incestuous relationship with the media has the words SCANDAL written all over it?

But, these are the Clintons we’re talking about.  

They seem to be incapable of flying high and not getting mired down into new allegations.  Hillary appears to have such a penchant for withholding Truth and getting entangled in scandal after scandal.  One would think after the Clinton Foundation scandals, her email scandals, the Benghazi scandal, Bill’s indiscretion scandals, Pay to Play scandals, DNC scandals, people close to the Clintons mysteriously dying scandals, and now the most recent “suggestions” of wrong doings in how the FBI Department handled her email investigation, the list can literally go on and on – after all of these highly documented scandals – one would think Hillary and her camp would flee from the very appearance of wrong doing or any improprieties.  But, they don’t.  Perhaps they can’t.

Do you think there’s a potential for a conflict of interest here between Kaine and CBS?  Do you think Hillary cares?  Do you think those who are voting for her care?  If this was Pence and FOX News, do you think people would care?

Perhaps the Clinton’s indulgences in bad behaviors says more about us then it does them.  Perhaps they know there is nothing to fear.  From past experience, perhaps they’ve learned that this too will pass and no one will make any real fuss over it.  

It is unfortunate.  Our country is enveloped in corrosion, deceit, and disinformation throughout all levels of leadership.  What can be done?  Do we, as a nation, have the will to do what is necessary to turn the tide?  Do we have the fortitude to make America great again?  Or, will we let this rigging of the debate pass too?  

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