Voting for Trump is a “No-Brainer”

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It doesn’t take a lot of “brains” to realize that voting for Donald Trump is the only “good” choice.

That is, on the one hand our choice is to vote for a corrupt, greedy political cartel that has no good plans (like open borders, open hemisphere, expensive health care, etc.) and who by her own admission lies to the public about what her real intentions are. And she also lies in general (or conveniently doesn’t remember) to cover up her evil doings. And then she destroys any incriminating evidence (like bleach-bitting her emails and destroying smart phones with a hammer). And all of her minions take the 5th (and therefore are obviously hiding something incriminating).

On the other hand, our choice is to vote for someone who has great plans to fix the problems of this country and advance us to a better state … as is expressed by his contract for America with 10 acts, including an urban renewal act and acts to fix our economy and safety.

Voting for Hillary JUST because she’s a woman is by its very definition “sexist” (which is ironic because that is a brand that is often thrown at Republicans). Just like voting for Obama because he’s the first black president is by its very definition “racist” (and you see where that’s gotten us … a doubled national debt, the creation of ISIS, a failed health care plan, a racially divided country, etc.). That’s what we get for electing a community organizer with bad mentors (Alinsky, Reverend Wright, etc.). And the race brand isn’t valid because there are many great black leaders. But they are rejected because they are conservative and Christian. But they all are now backing Trump and doing a great job of eloquently expressing why. And there are too many to name, but just a few (Dr. Ben Carson, Larry Elder, Pastors Scott and Burns).

And I understand why Trump said that he would have to think about supporting Hillary if she won. I don’t have to think about it because November 9 would be a national day of mourning if she won … a huge step backwards and tolerant of evil. I could never accept that.

If we are going to move forward, it’s time to drop the “ist” brands and do like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Judge a person by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.” In that sense, there is no other good choice for president except Donald Trump.

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